Best Printer For 4×6 Photos in 2024

In the age of Facebook and Instagram, photographs have become essential to social life; now and then, a good photo collection cannot only be a beautiful walk down memory lane. It also can prove to be a very different expression of art. Taking photos can be fun but developing each picture is not only expensive but time-consuming as well.

The best solution that can give you a better result than this is printing them on a color printer. There are tons of great color printers in the game, which will ease your way of enjoying your passion for photography.

There is a range of different printers from simple ones to the ones that can be connected to various apps on your phone from where you can edit and have the best photos from your printer while on the go, not wasting a large amount of time waiting for them to develop. Some printers even have a preview option so you can choose the best shots. The more features, the heavier, but it will be completely worth it, mainly if you are a dedicated photographer.

Best Printer For 4×6 Photos

Below is the list of Top Printers for 4×6 Photos. We have researched and tested 15+ Printers and chosen the printers that ranked #1 on our list. Here you go:

1Canon Pixma IP110․ Wireless
․ Easy connection to phone, tablets, and other devices.
․ Selection from cloud available.
․ Editing features whenever a connection is available.
․ 9600x2400 dpi gives incredible resolution.
․ Wi-fi enabled; the USB option is also available.
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2Kodak Dock & wi-fi Portable-4x6․ Wireless
․ Easy connection to phone, tablets, and other devices.
․ Selection from cloud available.
․ Editing features whenever a connection is available.
․ 9600x2400 dpi gives incredible resolution.
․ Wi-fi enabled; the USB option is also available.
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3Canon Selphy CP1300․ 3.2 inches of screen to select, view, and edit your photos before printing them.
․ You can access Canon Selphy through your Canon print app.
․ The printer can also be used by connecting with a smartphone or tablet. You can also directly print photos through a memory card or USB.
․ Bright pictures that are water-resistant and will not fade for a hundred years.
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4Epson PictureMate PM-400․ The best Printer from Epson, which works best with Epson Cartridges.
․ Wireless system.
․ Connected through Android, I-phone,Tablets, and smartphones.
․ Borderless pictures
․ Lightweight and portable.
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5HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer․ Voice-activated
․ The printer can work with Google Home and Alexa.
․ Complete touch-free system
․ This printer can print photos from anywhere
․ Borderless colorful photos
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Canon Pixma IP110 – The best printer to make 4×6 pictures

Canon Pixma Ip110 4x6 PrinterEven though Cannon Prixma is a bit on the heavier side, it is still our top pick for the best printer to make 4×6 pictures. It is a compact printer that, unlike a typical printer, can run on a five-ink system. This feature ensures beautiful and vibrant images due to the 9600×2400 dpi. The Canon Pixma works with all sorts of devices such as your smartphone and even apps such as AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print app. Our top pick is for the best printers to make 4×6 pictures because of its features like PictBridge support, which is very uncommon in compact photo printers.

It also has flash drive support so you can print your pictures from your USB. The Photoprint+ feature will also allow you to edit your photos on the go. This printer’s timing is its selling point; it can print many borderless and beautiful pictures in under a minute.

  • It prints not only pictures but also prints documents.
  • This printer is portable.
  • The picture quality it produces is of the best printer for making 4×6 pictures.
  • Editing system present.
  • A bit heavier as compared to other printers.
  • The printing cost is a bit high.

Kodak Dock & wi-fi Portable 4×6 – Most convenient and smart printer for 4×6 photos

Kodak Dock 4x6 PrinterKodak Dock is the runner-up on our best printers for making 4×6 pictures for a reason; it has countless cool features that aren’t anywhere else. Unlike lazy humans, it multitasks; the dock for Android can charge your phone while printing your photos, Cool, right? That’s not all.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity to print your pictures from wherever you want to; this printer will never stand in the way of your traveling dreams. Despite the printer’s small size, it has a USB port that can help print your pictures directly. If you are an iPhone user, you might need an adapter for connectivity. The thermal print technology prints good quality pictures and prevents the risk of fading or bleeding images to forever cherish your memories. The battery is a bit messy as it requires charging more often; it’s best to use it with a power supply.

  • Dock charges your phone while you print photos.
  • Thermal print prevents any chance of faded pictures.
  • It is the best printer for making 4×6 pictures while traveling.
  • Wi-fi is enabled, and the USB port does direct printing.
  • Printing cost is high
  • It does not have battery pack support.

Print quality is not as good as large printers but is ideal for traveling.

Canon Selphy CP1300 – Best printer to print 4×6 postcard size pictures

Canon Selphy Cp 1300 PrinterIf you want a printer that can print the best 4×6 pictures the way you like them, look no further. The Canon Selphy is not only a printer but an editor as well. The 3.6-inch screen allows you to select, view, and edit your picture before printing it out, now isn’t that a treat? This feature comes in handy after you insert your USB drive to view your photographs.

Connect your Canon Selphy directly to your phone as well as your online media for direct printing like Facebook or Instagram. The Canon Selphy has so many cool editing features like the unique photo booth option, which makes a collage out of your favorite pictures on a 4×6 page giving it a photo booth effect; Why wait for weddings when you can make your 4×6 photo booth pictures at home.

If you’re not big on photography, this is still a very cool device that can be fun to use because of its fantastic editing features and instant photo printing.

  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Portable Printer
  • 6-inch LCD screen
  • Affordable printing cost
  • Borderless images
  • It prints small stickers and labels as well
  • The colors sometimes aren’t as bright as the original picture.
  • Pictures have to be loaded in, and the printer does not print directly from the camera.
  • The printer isn’t very compatible with a PC.

Epson PictureMate PM-400 – The best printer for easy-going people.

Epson Picture Mate Pm 400Epson might be a bit restrictive when it comes to Its individual cartridge usage, but it is worth it for the picture quality it produces. Not only is it small and portable, but this snapshot printer is unlike any other; it captures every pixel so gracefully that there is no distortion at all. Epson PM-400 is the best printer for making 4×6 photos. However, this high quality is a bit expensive. The only drawback of this snapshot printer how expensive it can be in the long run when you run out of the cartridge; you’ll have to buy more to continue to use the printer.

Epson is one of the fastest printers; it can print many borderless photos in 36 seconds. Though value-wise, it may be expensive, it is worth every cent as it produces images that last a lifetime without fading. It prints 4×6 pictures and 5×7 photos as well with the same un-compromised and excellent quality.

Due to its photo quality, this might not be the lightest printer that makes 4×6 photos.

  • Wireless system
  • Top-quality pictures
  • This printer has a visible and large LCD to view the images before printing them.
  • It can print in two sizes, 4×6 and 5×7.
  • Fast photo printing
  • The printer can get expensive due to the cartridge system.
  • The printer only works best with Epson cartridges.
  • Heavy to carry

HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer – Smartest printer to print 4×6 photos

Hp Tango 4x6 PrinterHP Tango is one of the smartest printers that make 4×6 photos. This printer is genuinely the printer of the future because it is wireless and goes one step ahead. HP Tango has a touchless system. It is excellent for people who are on the go; it can print photos from anywhere due to its Wi-fi system. HP Tango completes the tasks on voice commands, and the coolest feature HP Tango has is that you can connect it to Google Home and Alexa, so if you require printing directly, it is available. The HP Tango printer also can print 5×7″ borderless photos as well as the standard 4×6″.

That is not all! HP Tango can be your real creative awakening; it has a built-in copier along with a printer. Thus, if you connect your printer to your phone, you can scan documents. Through the connection to your phone, you can access cloud features like Dropbox and Google Drive. This feature gives the user superb convenience as they can directly print photos from the cloud. This printer has a paid-for ink offer, no need to worry about extra payments after the initial one.

The only drawback for me is the absence of a USB port and the fact that it doesn’t offer PC connectivity. Though low on the list, it is our smartest pick for the best printers that make 4×6″ photos.

  • It has an innovative voice command system.
  • This printer can print two sizes, 5×7″, and 4×6″.
  • It can print documents as long as they are legal-sized.
  • HP Tango prints high-resolution photos.
  • There is no print cost due to the paid-for ink offer.
  • Affordable and reliable.
  • HP printer is massive and large due to its many features.
  • The copy function messes up sometimes.
  • No USB port or PC connectivity

When looking for your ideal printer, you need to look for factors to get something worth the price. The perfect printer for you can be confusing if you are a first-timer since there are different printers with other applications. Hopefully, after going through this article, you will be able to find yourself the perfect printer!

Types of Printers For making 4×6 photos

When finding a printer, you would need to choose between two significant choices: inkjet printer or laser printer. Laser printers tend to be better at printing, both efficiency-wise as well as speed-wise. They outperform inkjet in these categories substantially but fall short cost-wise in which inkjet printers excel. Inkjet is cost-effective and gives a good quality of printing, not on par with laser but close to it with no difference to the unkeen observer.

Printer Size that is best for 4×6 photos

Like humans, both printers come in all shapes and sizes, which may vary you’re traveling experience by a mile if you choose yourself. If you are a college student with limited space or a traveling friend who likes to use his printer on the go, it would be wise of you to buy yourself a small-sized printer instead then carrying yourself a washing machine-sized printer all around town. While this may seem evident knowledge, you have to make sure of your accommodation situation before making big decisions like this.

In case you get yourself a portable printer, always check its battery type and battery life and carry yourself some spares for the battery, so you don’t encounter a battery issue in wacky places like Hawaii.

Ideal Resolution for 4×6 photos

Although the high resolution is not a very big deal for written documents with letters and whatnot, setting a powerful solution for printing pictures is extraordinarily critical and can even alter your desired pictures’ quality lest you choose incorrectly.

For perfect picture quality in almost every printout case, you should consider using a minimum dpi of 4800×1200 and more, or the picture quality may be affected negatively after the printout.

Is Image Quality important in 4×6 photos?

Image quality is dependent on mostly what printing process takes place to get the print. Most printers make use of inkjet or thermal dye technology. In inkjet, you would need to buy the ink and the paper separately, with the quality of both affecting your image printout quality. Compared to that, with thermal dye, the ink and paper come together, so you are not left with many quality control choices like in inkjet.

An additional new and rising technology is ZINK (Zero Ink) for photo printers. It makes use of chemicals in the stock to leave an impression on the paper. The unfortunate part concerning this new technology is that it is currently only limited to small-sized printers. The pictures are not also precisely high quality and not genuinely worthy of framing. The overall quality that they give can be compared to instant camera pictures, certainly not suitable for framing but more than adequate if you need some quick and medium-quality pictures at best.

Connectivity for printing 4×6 photos quickly:

Wires may seem essential to you considering how much it is shown on TV whenever you see a printer, but nowadays, you can access a printer both through wired and wireless connectivity. Although pretty much all photo printers have the option to do so, most printers nowadays should have some built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to these devices at the range! It is even compatible with all users, including Android and iOS, so its usage to Computers only is no longer limited. Do not worry; the wired option is not different, or like with some models coming with Ethernet ports, you can connect the printer via a LAN network.

Some printers also come with memory card slots, allowing you to print pictures you take from your camera instantly.

Another prominent connectivity feature for those tech professionals is PictBridge compatibility, allowing them to print images directly through their image editing software. The only downside to this is that the most common 4×6 printers don’t offer this feature.

Paper compatibility for beautiful 4×6 photos

Since pictures print on different papers, your printer should be more than compatible with almost any of them. Some of the more common types of papers include:

  • Glossy paper: this paper has a shiny finish and makes most printed images look sharper and more vibrant than ever.
  • Matte Paper: Although it doesn’t provide any shine, it does bring out the true colors of the image in question and is ideal for severe occurrences such as corporate documents
  • Canvas: The most commonly used Paper for framed photos. It is similar to matte paper but has better contrast than it.
  • Art Paper: Adds a textured look to printed images and is mostly used by printing professionals
  • Metallic Paper: This specific Paper adds a chrome finish to your pictures and makes them clear as day. It is expensive and is for special occasions such as gifting a special someone a photo frame

Bulk printing and Good quality 4×6 pictures

If what you are looking for is a printer with the capability to print in bulk for your up-and-coming business endeavor or whatnot, personal photo printers would not cut your quota. You would need to think more significantly if you have large-scale projects in mind and look for heavy-duty printers. However, compared to small-sized sheets used in 4×6 printers, large printers use larger sheets, which automatically use more ink, so the printing cost for a single printout is lower than small-sized printers.

Print Cost when printing 4×6 photos

Your printed pictures or documents’ print cost would depend on the type of ink and paper you utilize. You were going for expensive materials such as metallic paper to obviously up to your print price by a margin if you would take a low-cost paper. Generally, you would find most inks and paper sold for a fixed number.

This Limited number of pictures allows you to obtain a per-picture cost for yourself quickly.

Availability of Supplies to make vibrant 4×6 photos

If you manage to get yourself a printer that limits itself to a specific type of ink and paper, make sure the necessary resources are available to you near you.

Otherwise, you might find yourself a photo printer printing dust on your shelf and dormant for a reasonable amount of time.


Will my printer not work without a Wi-Fi connection?

Your printer does not require a Wi-Fi connection to work, and it can work efficiently with a cable, USB, or the dock for Android (In Kodak Dock). Wi-fi is just for extra convenience.

Can this printer print photos directly from the camera?

Unfortunately, you cannot connect the printer directly with a camera, and you can move your pictures to your USB drive or your phone / PC for direct printing; that is the system that printers can follow.

What mode is the captured picture? Portrait or landscape?

The picture is of a postcard size 4×6″, your printer will automatically select whatever mode was enabled when you took the picture.

Can I air print from iPad? Are Apple devices compatible with these printers?

Yes. You can air print from iPad quickly, and they are compatible with all Apple phones (7 and up especially)

Can I print from my SD Card?

Yes, most of these printers have the flash drive option, so you can load your pictures into the drive and print them out.

To Sum up

Different types of printers out there might seem vague and confusing to you at first. After going through this article, you must have a good idea of what printer to pick for the job or “multiple jobs” if you are a businessman. Developing images can be expensive and time-consuming. Printing is a much better option, and to print smart, you need the best printer to make the 4×6″ photos that you want. They can either be your memories or a beautiful addition to your portfolio.