Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners in 2024

Sublimation printers are quite fun as you get to imprint your favorite designs on shirts, cups, glasses, or sweaters. However, people new to printing cannot use professional printing machines easily. Therefore, I decided to help them with a list of the best sublimation printer for beginners.

First off, the printers I’ve chosen are quite easy to use with a simple working interface. I’ve invested a lot of time in making sure that each one of them could be used by a beginner without facing any problems.

So, let us move on to the top 5 sublimation printer review sections for beginners:

Top 5 Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners and Amateurs

#Printer NameSuitable ForPrice
1Epson Workforce 7720Cotton shirts Check Price
2HP OfficeJet Pro 7740Mugs Check Price
3Epson Workforce 7710Polyester fabric Check Price
4Epson EcoTank 2720Synthetic fabrics Check Price
5Canon Selphy CP1300Cotton Check Price

Epson Workforce 7720 – Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Epson Workforce 7720

Epson Workforce 7720 tops our list for being the best sublimation printer for beginners available in the market. The reason I’ve listed it at the top of my list is that it offers a plethora of features at a justified price tag.

Be it sublimation printing, color printing, or any other print, there’s nothing that this printer can’t do. Besides, one of the reasons for love this printer is its durability and sturdiness.

With premium construction from the manufacturer, Workforce 7720 can work for many years to come without causing any problems. Lastly, the compact shape and design of the printer allow you to keep it in smaller or tight places without any hassle. Workforce 7720 is hands down the best beginner printer in the market and that too with a justified price tag.

Let us have a look at some of the features offered by this sublimation printer:

Large Scanning Area

First off, the Epson Workforce printer offers a large scanning area of around 11” x 17”. It’s, therefore, easier to scan designs of multiple tools or accessories. Beginners can also enjoy this feature to scan their favorite designs on the printer as per their will and wish.

Intuitive Touchscreen

You’d be surprised to know that the best sublimation printer for beginners also comes with an intuitive and super-responsive touchscreen display. It measures around 4.3”. Besides, it’d help you to control all settings and operations of the printer without causing any problems.

Higher Compatibility Factor

Adding to that, Epson Workforce 7720 also offers a higher compatibility interface. It’s compatible with multiple Windows operating systems including Windows 10, 8.1, 8. 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003. Therefore connecting it to the PC is not a difficult job at all.

Precision Core Printing Technology

Moreover, the best sublimation printer for beginners comes with Precision Core Printing technology. The scanning interface is so powerful that not even an inch of the space is missed. The overall result is thus quite precise and resembles the original design at the same time.

Auto 2-Sided Printing with Ample Sheet Capacity

Well, to make it easier for beginners to print, Workforce 7720 comes with Auto 2-sided printing. It means you won’t have to do much hassle to imprint a complete design. Other than that, the printer also offers a capacity of 500 sheets capacity which is quite exceptional. The output capacity is around 125 sheets which is more than enough to store multiple prints.

  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Offers a large scanning area.
  • Precision core printing technology.
  • Auto 2-side printing makes printing hassle-free.
  • 500 sheet capacity for a better working interface.
  • Higher compatibility factor.
  • USB printing is faulty.
  • Cannot print large borderless sheets easily.

Final Views

Epson Workforce 7720 is an ultimate sublimation printer for beginners and amateurs. For those who are new to printing: I’d recommend them to get this printer as soon as possible.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 – Best Wireless Sublimation Printer for Beginners

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

OfficeJet Pro 7740 from HP is the next printer on our list with some top-notch printing qualities. It outshines the printer that we mentioned above in terms of budget and overall specs. The printer, first of all, has got a smooth first impression.

The design and shape are quite smooth. Besides, the printer looks quite beautiful as compared to the one we discussed above.

Well, HP didn’t ignore the overall durability of OfficeJet Pro as it has a sturdy construction. The price, on the other hand, is half of what an Epson Workforce 7720 would cost you. Yeah, you heard it right.

Some important features related to the best sublimation printer for beginners are as follows:

Bright and Highly Contrasting Prints

Officejet Pro 7740 has the latest color printing technology. It works efficiently enough to imprint the exact designs you need in the best coloring tone possible. It’s one of the reasons many people are happy with this printer.

Print Via SmartApp

The latest innovation provided by HP with this printer is that it can work wirelessly. That said, the SmartApp application introduced by HP controls the printer completely. You can thus use your phone to scan or print different designs as per your will and wish on this printer.

50% less Cost

The main reason you should invest in an HP sublimation printer is that it offers less cost per page as compared to typical color lasers. That said, OfficeJet Pro ensures 50% less cost per page as it comes with a fast printing speed of around 22 pages per minute.

Easy to Use Interface

Adding to that, OfficeJet Pro is a newbie-friendly sublimation printer. It comes with a touchscreen control panel that can be used to control all major settings of the printer. Besides, all important instructions are given clearly in the user manual that comes with it.

An All-In-One Solution

Well, lastly, the best printer from HP offers an all-in-one solution. You could use it for sublimation printing, normal black, and white printing, fax printing, or design printing at the same time. The printer is capable of doing all the tasks with a press of a single button.

  • Bright and highly contrasting prints.
  • All-in-one printing solution.
  • Suitable for sublimation.
  • Touchscreen control panel.
  • Fast printing speed.
  • 11×17″ prints are not accurate.
  • Precision in printing is lacking.

Final Views

Well, with a cheap price comes some tweaks that you have to bear. The same is the case with the HP sublimation printer. However, it’s still a suitable choice for beginners who are low on budget. So, consider getting it before it’s too late.

Epson Workforce 7710 – Good Sublimation Printer for Beginners

Epson Workforce 7710

Workforce 7710 is another best sublimation printer from beginners should take an interest in. Why? Because it can offer precise and accurate color prints and that too with an eco-friendly working interface.

For starters, the printer has an intuitive front display. Apart from the touchscreen panel, all other buttons are available for you to work out as per your will and wish.

Other than that, the printer is simple yet unique at the same time. The body is quite compact. Therefore, it can easily be placed in tighter places without any worries. To be honest, the features that Workforce 7710 offers completely justify the price tag it has. Don’t believe me?

Let us take a quick look at some of the features offered by the best Epson printer as follows:

All-in-One Working

First of all, the Workforce 7710 comes with a versatile working performance. That said, you can use it for printing, scanning, fax printing, or copy printing without any hassle. The printer can also perform USB printing quite well.

Enjoy Borderless Prints

Want to create borderless prints with ease? You should try this printer as it comes with Precision Core technology. It helps to make borderless prints for up to 13”x19” allowing you to enjoy a perfect sublimation printing experience.

Wireless Printing

Another important feature that you should know about the Epson Workforce is that it comes with wireless printing. Yeah, you heard it right. The printer directly gets connected to the likes of iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, or Android tablets to offer a perfect wireless printing experience.

Sheet Capacity

Well, the sheet capacity offered by this printer is 250. Although it’s half as compared to the Workforce 7720 we mentioned above. It’s still more than enough to enjoy sublimation printing for a long time.

Highly Functional User Guide

A DVD including all relevant data regarding how to operate the printer is included in the package. I’d strongly recommend you go through it before making your printer functional to avoid any mistakes or mishaps.

  • Intuitive front control panel display.
  • Suitable for beginners and amateurs.
  • Offers accurate and precise borderless prints.
  • Could be used for printing, faxing, and scanning.
  • DVD including a real-life tutorial to operate the printer.
  • Automatic 2-sided printing is available.
  • Less sheet capacity.
  • Takes time to imprint a design completely.

Final Views

The brand new Epson 7710 offers some of the most prolific printing qualities within an affordable budget. From a beginner’s perspective: it’s a perfect choice for those who are new to sublimation. So, consider getting it especially if you don’t have enough money to get an Epson Workforce 7720 respectively.

Epson EcoTank 2720 – Best Sublimation Printer for the Money

Epson EcoTank 2720

EcoTank 2720 is the second-last sublimation printer on our list. Just like the other models of Epson, this one also won’t disappoint you especially when it comes to sublimation printing.

Starting with some basics, the design and shape of the printer are not too catchy. EcoTank 2720 is quite simple. However, the printing qualities are well up to the mark.

That said, you can perform multiple printing operations with this machine. One thing that has fascinated me a lot about this printer is that it takes away the frustration of using expensive ink cartridges. We’d discuss it more in the specification section below.

Some notable aspects of the printer are as follows:

Higher Compatibility Factor

First things first, the best printer for sublimation comes with a higher compatibility factor. That said, it could get paired up with the likes of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Vista at the same time. So, there won’t be any worries no matter which operating system you work with.

Perfect Printing Interface

On the other hand, the color printing interface is well up to the mark. EcoTank utilizes multiple technologies to make the print as resembling the original design as possible. You can get the perfect results as far as different designs are concerned.

Cartridge-free Printing

Adding to that, the brand new EcoTank from Epson offers cartridge-free printing. That said, the printer has got integrated ink tanks that are easier to refill as compared to expensive cartridges. Printing is thus more fun, entertaining, and cheap at the same time.

Limitless Prints for 2 Years

Epson offers enough ink in the package that could be used in EcoTank to make prints for up to 2 years. So, purchasing this sublimation printer will have a lot of benefits for you to be honest.

Wireless Connectivity

Last but not least, the best sublimation printer for beginners offers a wireless printing interface. That said, it can directly get connected to the likes of iPads, Android Smartphones, iPhones, etc., and can imprint multiple designs off your phone easily.

  • Cartridge-free printing.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Precise and borderless prints.
  • Suitable for sublimation.
  • Ink bottles are included for limitless prints.
  • All-in-one printer machine for beginners.
  • Less storage capacity.
  • White color attracts dust.
  • Cannot take an extra burden.

Final Views

Epson EcoTank offers a better printing interface and it keeps you away from expensive cartridges at the same time. Investing in it would prove to be fruitful for you especially if you are new to sublimation.

Canon Selphy CP1300 – Cheapest Printer for Sublimation

Canon Selphy CP1300

Finally, the last best sublimation printer for beginners on our list is from Canon. You’d be surprised to know that Selphy CP1300 barely costs 100 bucks. It’s the cheapest printer for sublimation available in the market.

That said, if you are incapable of investing in an Epson or HP sublimation printer, then Canon Selphy would be there to support you. The printer, first of all, is quite compact. That said, it’s so small that you can easily carry it around from one place to another without any hassle.

Well, the printing qualities are a little bit limited as compared to other printers we mentioned above. However, it could still be used for light sublimation work without any hassle. Curious about this tiny printer?

Let us break down this printer for the features it offers as follows:

Portable Sublimation Printer

Well, the printer, first of all, is quite compact and portable at the same time. You can carry it to the annual functions of your school or college or a friend get-together and enjoy printing your memories in the best possible fashion.

Impeccable Printing Quality

Moreover, the image printing quality that Selphy CP1300 offers is simply impeccable. That said, Canon claims that the photos printed with this machine can last for up to 100 years without any color fading issues.

Wireless Printing

The printer comes with a Wi-Fi direct feature. It enables the connectivity of smartphones or any other compatible device. Thus printing photos or different designs of a smartphone is extremely easy when we are talking about the Canon Selphy printer.

Party Shuffling Collage Images Feature

Now, this is quite interesting. By connecting at least 5 to 6 smartphones and printing a separate picture from each device, the printer will make a shuffled print of each pic randomly. It’s the best feature for friends who want to preserve their memories in the best possible way.

Large Tilting LCD Screen

Last but not least, the printer has got the support of a large tilting LCD screen of 3”. It could be used to zoom in or zoom out the print as per your will and wish. Moreover, a sophisticated control panel is also there for a perfect sublimation printing experience.

  • Portable sublimation printer.
  • Suitable for parties or annual college functions.
  • Offers high-quality photo prints.
  • Party Shuffling collage makes the party more enjoyable.
  • Tilting LCD included.
  • 18 sheets of tray capacity.
  • Cannot be used commercially.
  • Not suitable for professional work.

Final Views

Canon Selphy is the best alternative to all the expensive sublimation printers I’ve mentioned above. Check it out and enjoy preserving your memories with friends or family in the best possible fashion.

Top 3 Picks

Based on my personal experiments, positive customer ratings, and expert recommendations, the top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. Epson Workforce 7720 – if you have a lot of money to spend on a sublimation printer.
  2. Canon Selphy CP1300 – if you are extremely low on budget.
  3. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 – if you need a sublimation printer in a mid-range budget.


What is the best sublimation printer?

The best sublimation printer as per expert opinions and my own experience is Epson Workforce 7720. There’s simply nothing that this printer can’t do. Be it scanning, copying, or accurate printing, Workforce 7720 is the jack of all trades. The printer offers borderless design imprints, which are very crucial in sublimation.

On the other hand, it comes with a large scanning area to make it easier for you to scan large designs with ease. Adding to that, the Workforce 7720 also comes with a large touchscreen and it’s quite easy to use at the same time. Therefore, it’s hands down the best sublimation printer for beginners available in the market.

What printers can you use for sublimation?

Most of the desktop printers from the likes of Epson and HP could be used for sublimation. More precisely, a printer that offers accurate and bright prints can easily be used to do the sublimation work. Mind you that by changing the typical color ink cartridges with that of dyed color inks, you can easily convert your printer into a sublimating printer.

In this regard, what I recommend is all the top 5 sublimation printers mentioned above. Why? Because these printers have one common thing in them, i.e. an easy-to-use interface. Beginners who are interested in sublimation work can thus take full advantage of these printers and imprint multiple designs on sweatshirts, cups, plates, etc.

What is the best type of fabric for sublimation?

Different fabric types could be utilized for sublimation. However, the best fabric is cotton. It’s hands down an ideal choice for most of the sublimated work. That’s the main reason you’d see cotton shirts with multiple sublimations.

That’s because cotton is easy to wear, comfortable, and breathable at the same time. On the second number, we have polyester, which works as an alternative to cotton. One of the major reasons people choose polyester for sublimation is that the imprinted design is free of wrinkles (which is a major flaw in using cotton).

Finally, synthetic fibers could also be used for dye-sublimation purposes. These kinds of fibers might include, nylon, Kevlar, acrylic, olefin, etc. These are the best fabric types that you can use for sublimation as a beginner.

Can any printer do sublimation?

Most of the printers that offer color printing could be used for sublimation work. However, it doesn’t mean that you can use every printer. The reason I’ve done a lot of research to find the best beginner sublimation printers is that many printers imprint flawed designs that can waste all of your fabric.

Therefore, it’d be better for you to choose only from the list I’ve mentioned above if you want flawless sublimation.

Can you convert an HP printer to sublimation?

Yeah, easily. All you have to do is to change the typical ink cartridge with that of a dye cartridge and BINGO! Your HP printer is all set to imprint different designs on fabric or cups etc.

The Final Verdict

That would be all from me regarding the best sublimation printer for beginners. Make sure that you take a thorough look at the printers mentioned above and make your decision accordingly to enjoy a better sublimation printing interface.

Good Luck!!