QIDI Tech X-One 2 Review

Qidi Tech X One 2 CompressorBuying a 3d printer has always been a big dilemma for buyers who don’t know much. Many questions arise in one’s mind before swiping his credit card, e.g. what quality will it provide, Is it worth the price? This is where our review will help you.

The QIDI technology X-One 2 justifies its worth. With great printing quality at such a price, the X-one2 is up on the chart for the best 3d printers. The printer held the quality of providing the best final results as compared to similar devices is 2-3 times higher in price.

So without wasting any other second, let’s jump into the detailed review of QIDI Technology X-one 2 performance, comparison with other 3d printers, quality of printing, and specifications.

QIDI Tech X-One 2 is also the best 3d printer for miniatures and D&D terrain.

QIDI Tech X-One 2 Review

QIDI Technology X-One 2 review begins with a performance test, as compared to other 3d printers higher in price; the QIDI Technology X-One2 was up to the mark. With a printing score of 7 out of 10 as per experts, this QIDI 3d printer has amazed many by the type of output it provides.

Adding more, the QIDI X-one2 is mostly known as a printer with a complex of 3d structure providing extreme ease and efficiency, making it attract a lot of professionals working in the industry. Not only that, with the single extruder and injection nozzle, expect extremely easy printing with more smoothness and precision.

Easy Use LCD

In today’s world, users look for products that are easy and one-touch accessible.

The QIDI technology X-one 2 3D Printer has a building 3.5 inches LCD touch screen, which makes it extremely easy to understand and use. This LCS touch screen helps you to avoid misunderstandings during printing like setting the heat and speed of the printer.

The LCD touchscreen design allows you to experience a more user-friendly 3D printer interface.

QIDI Tech X-One 2 Software

Every 3d printer uses software that is responsible for creating and transferring your ideas to a printer and makes it a reality in the 3D world.

The best thing about QIDI tech X-one2 software is that you can work with any slicer, but wait! Do you know what a slicer is? NO! Let me tell you.

The slicer, also called slicing software, is computer software used in the majority of 3D printing processes for the conversion of a 3D object model to specific instructions for the printer.

You can use any slicer software to use. The best thing is that the best slicer software is free to download, e.g. Cura, Qidi Print, PrusaSlicer, Octoprint, and matter control

QIDI Tech X-One 2 Specs

It is obvious that before knowing the specs of a 3d printer, one cannot understand its worth.

Here is complete detail on QIDI Tech X-One-2 Specs:

  • Resolution: 100 microns
  • Build volume: 145 x 145 x 145 mm
  • Frame: solid and strong aluminum
  • Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
  • Frame Dimension: 380 x 320 x 360 mm
  • Weight: almost 20 kg
  • Software: recommended are Cura and Qidi Print
  • Filament: PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexibles
  • Max Temperature: 250°C
  • Min temperature: 110°C

These were the most common and important QIDI Tech X-One-2 specs, keep reading for more details.

A 3d printer is worth its price when you can print your material according to the size, volume, or dimensions you want. This is only possible when the 3D Printer you are using provides the same features that you are up to.

QIDI Tech X-One 2 Build Volume and Dimensions

First, let me tell you what build volume means

Build volume is the maximum size that your 3d printer can print. To calculate your total Print value you simply multiply the maximum length, width, and height values which are usually measured in inches

The Tech X-One-2 build volume size is 145 x 145 x 145 mm. It means that any design can be printed with these measurements with ease and precision.

Comparison of QIDI Tech X-One 2 and another 3D printer under the same price

Why is the comparison important?

Comparison is important because there is a variety of 3d printers available in the market, each claiming its superiority.

With this low price (under $300), the most 3D printer comes with fewer specs than the QIDI Tech X-One2.

Some printers have less build volume, while others come with no LCD. Some are very hard to set up and understand for beginners while a few of them have filament issues.

As shown in Specs, the QIDI Tech X-One2 is a complete 3d printer that has none of the above complications and fulfills all the requirements that one wants in a 3d printer, they are best for a beginner as well as professionals who want to create the best of best products. With prominent specs and features, Qidi Tech X-One 2 is the leading 3d printer under such a price tag.

This is obvious that every device either electronic or non-electronic comes with some pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of QIDI Tech X-One 2.

  • Affordable
  • Strong frame structure
  • Easy to setup (fully assembled out of the box)
  • Awesome print quality
  • LCD for easy use
  • Pause and resume feature
  • Easy bed leveling
  • Comes with a USB and SD card
  • Size limits you to a certain measurement
  • Change of Filament is a bit tricky
  • Heavy (20 kg weight)

I guess the above will have cleared all your thoughts about this incredible 3d printer. There is a certain question that I get from people regularly, I want to make sure that they get the answers they are looking for in the FAQs section below:


Is it worth its price?

The easiest answer is YES! With such a price, no other 3d printer provides such features as QIDI Tech X-one 2 provides.

Is it difficult to set up like other 3d printers in the market?

NO, the Tech X-one2 comes assembled in the box.

Is it good for carrying out large projects?

A straightforward NO, due to less bed size or volume (already discussed), you cannot carry out large projects which is a disadvantage.

Which software is best for it?

You can either use Cura or QIDI Print; they are open-source and free to download

Can I use a third-party filament?

Well, it can be tricky but yes, I am using 3 different PLA, and it is working awesome.

Final Verdict

Well, with these features and this much competition in the market, this product is still on top of the list for beginners who are looking for a future in 3D world crafting and printing. There are very less products that provide such quality printing such as low prices and QIDI Tech X-one-2 is there at the top of that list. The final decision is yours but for me as a beginner, it is the best choice.